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Zoot Ultra CompressRx Recovery Tight

Train hard, race harder, and recover faster with Zoot's Ultra CompressRx Recovery Tights. Our recovery tights will improve circulation by accelerating blood flow back to your heart. Graduated zones of compression work on top of the muscles to reduce swelling and reduce lactic acid build-up. Scientifically tested. Athlete approved.


ZoneRx - Muscle specific zones of compression stabilize and prevent post-exercise soreness

CRx - Graduated compression that improves blood flow back to the heart

SynchroRx Polypropylene and Silver tech provide moisture wicking and 99.9% antimicrobial protection

Dynamic X Proprioception panel provides enhanced support and body positioning

mmHg: 18-30mmHg



Usually ships in 2-3 business days (Item #recoverytight)